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Camille will cover foundational information to help you care for locs in the salon as a pro or for yourself at home. 

Curl Care Made Simple

This self-paced course for the everyday, fly curl cutie will teach you how to shorten the time you spend on your curls while getting consistent, long-lasting curl definition every time. Includes video tutorials, slide decks, product and tool suggestions, and lifetime access to course. 

In this course you'll learn:

- what to expect during each stage of the locking journey

- techniques to properly cleanse and hydrate locs

- palm roll/loc smithing maintenance

- prevention and removal of build up 

Loc Care Foundation

Loc Care Part 3: Starting Locs - August 14th 10am-12pm PST

This virtual class covers:

- Camille's go-to methods for starting locs 

- Two different parting patterns and when to use them

- What to expect during the first year of the locking journey. 

*Replay will be available

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