Online booking is available on a monthly basis and opens up on the 15th of each preceding month. For example, on June 15th, July appointments will be available to book.
If you do not see any openings, that means our salon is fully booked at the moment.


Textured/Curly Hair

New Client Curly Cut (Shelby)               $245

Curly Cut (Returning Clients)                 $185

Express cut                                         $90

Hydrate and Define (Wash and Go)          $90


Loc Shampoo                                      $50

Loc Maintenance (Palm Roll)                   

     - Top Only (Shaved Sides & Back)          $100

     - All Others                                    $140

Loc Maintenance (Interlock)                  $195

Loc Detox Treatment (Add-On)                 $50

Loc Basic Style(Add-on)                         $25

Loc Intricate Style(Add-on)                     $45+

Color services are offered to established clients by shelby.

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